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Adobe released its CS4 software on Wednesday to those customers willing to pay somewhere north of $1,000 for software that they haven’t tried yet. As Adobe are wont to do, they didn’t simultaneously release a trial version of that software. However, some rather clever people in the neitherregions of the internet have managed to download the trials directly from Adobe without the software maker’s permission.

Here’s how process:

Step 1 – Go to Adobe’s Site

Head over to the Adobe Lightroom trial page. Yes, I know you’re not interested in actually downloading the Lightroom trial, but bear with me.

Step 2 – Sign in to your Adobe Account

If you don’t have an Adobe account, make one, then sign in. Once you’re successfully signed in, instead of selecting the version of Lightroom you want to download, go to step 3.

Step 3 – Paste The Appropriate Link In Your Browser

CS4 Master Collection, Mac Version (confirmed):

CS4 Master Collection, Windows Version (unconfirmed):

CS4 Design Premium, Mac Version (confirmed):

CS4 Design Premium, Windows Version (unconfirmed):

If you’re downloading the mac versions, you’re going to want to use a download manager because the files are rather large.

Both mac versions have been confirmed as successful downloads and installations, but I haven’t heard anything about the windows versions. If you have success or failure with the windows version, post a comment and I’ll change their status in the post.

Of course, Adobe could remove or change the links at any time, but I’ll try to keep up with the latest developments and update this post.

Step 4 – Install the Trial

Run the downloaded file and start enjoying your 30 day CS4 trial, before the rest of the world.

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